Trader Joe’s Visit

After seeing so many different blog posts on Trader Joe’s and products from Trader Joe’s, I decided to find one to visit on my road trip last week. Luckily, there was one around the corner from my hotel. 

The exterior and interior of the store were plain looking and I wasn’t sure that it was going to be much different than any other grocery store I had been to. But the products on the shelves and in the freezers made it unique. Many of the items had interesting flavor combinations and I was impressed that the items were reasonably priced. The staff were also friendly and helpful. They assisted me in locating several items I was looking for and were more than willing to suggest some of their personal favorites. I hadn’t planned to buy Greek yogurt but walked out with several containers to take back home with me. Good thing I brought a cooler on the trip!

Some of the other interesting items I picked up were the Sugar Chocolate Coffee Bean Grinder, Speculoos Cookie Butter and Sea Salt and Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds. I thought the grinder was especially interesting. I’m not sure what I’ll be using it for. Maybe sprinkling a bit of it onto of a hot chocolate? I wished I had picked up a Cinnamon Sugar grinder as well. And of course there were a few other sweets I picked up. Okay there were a lot of sweets. I love sweets, what can I say? I’ll have to do some research on savory items for my next visit.

What are some of your favorite products from Trader Joe’s and which are some of the ones to avoid?


5 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Visit

  1. Its been so long since I’ve been to one! We used to live right near one in Baltimore. I don’t think that I made it much further than the sweets and snacks either! I think I used to buy yummy dark chocolate there. What’s your favorite of your purchases so far?

    1. I go to Whole Foods and do the same thing 😉 Sweets are healthier because everything there is organic right? LOL I definitely like the Greek yogurt the best so far! I also liked the dried fruit leather but didn’t like it as much after looking at the ingredients and noticing it had soy in it. I haven’t cracked into the cookies or chocolate yet. I have a feeling once I do, it’s going to be gone pretty quickly!

    1. The closest Whole Foods is about a 20 minute drive downtown for me. Probably a good thing for my waistline and wallet 🙂 Sadly since I’m in Canada, there are no Trader Joe’s. So I’ll have to save my next visit for my next shopping trip south of the border.

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