Review – The Black Camel

Sandwich shops are a dime a dozen in the city but it’s rare to find a place that sells tasty sandwiches at a reasonable price. It’s even more rare to find a decent BBQ place in Toronto. What if you were able to find a sandwich shop that sold awesome BBQ sandwiches at reasonable prices? But a sandwich shop with awesome BBQ at reasonable prices? I was surprised when I stumbled upon just this at The Black Camel. Located across the street from the Rosedale subway station, The Black Camel is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. I decided to check them out upon the recommendation of a friend who lives in the area. 

The Black Camel space is very small and seating is limited. There are several counter seats, a few tables inside and a few outside. Almost all of the seats were taken when I arrived at 6:00 PM. So be prepared if you’re thinking of bringing a big group with you. If the weather is nice, there’s a park across the street where you can take your sandwiches.

There are a number of sandwiches on the menu at the Black Camel including beef brisket, pulled pork, seared steak, pulled chicken and a roasted veggie sandwich. All are $7 each and include two different sauces/condiments, toppings are extra. I was told that the most popular is the BBQ beef brisket with caramelized onions so I selected the brisket sandwich along with the pulled pork. I asked for the BBQ sauce on both and the charamoula mayo on the pulled pork. Though there were a few orders ahead of mine, I still received my order within 5 minutes.

Black Camel – Pulled Pork sandwich

The sandwiches come on a kaiser bun that’s soft and pillowy. It was sturdy enough to hold everything together without the sandwiches falling apart or becoming too soggy. Both sandwiches came with a generous serving of meat and sauce and were incredibly filling. The pulled pork sandwich was tender and moist and it went nicely with the charamoula mayo which was creamy and tangy. The beef brisket sandwich was equally tender and moist. I don’t think you can go wrong with either sandwich.

Black Camel – Beef Brisket sandwich

I should warn you that the sandwiches here are quite popular. So much so that they have a Twitter account and post when they’re about to run out of sandwiches for the day. The Black Camel is definitely a rare find in Toronto and if you happen to be in the area, stop in and give their sandwiches a try. The Black Camel is open 7 days a week – their hours are:

Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 8pm



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