Tonga Toast

Back in January, I took my running group to the Kona Café at the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World. The Polynesian is my favorite resort at Disney and I was hoping they would enjoy eating there as much I have.

One of the most popular breakfast items on the menu is Tonga Toast. What is Tonga Toast you might ask. Well, it’s banana stuffed French toast, fried and covered in cinnamon sugar. And it’s not just any old kind of French toast – this thing is a 3″x3″ piece of bread. Saying its huge would be an understatement. I would say its one the most popular items on the menu. It’s delicious with maple syrup and especially so with a strawberry compote. Well imagine my surprise when my friend Mike, asked for not one but two orders of Tonga Toast! And not only did two orders of Tonga Toasts show up at the table but he finished both plates completely!

Does it help you run faster? You’ll have to ask Mike! Today’s he’s running a marathon in Arkansas and while he can’t get Tonga Toast in Little Rock, I thought I’d make and eat a batch in his honor. If you want to give the recipe a try at home, here it is.

Tonga Toast Recipe
Yield: 4 servings

4 eggs
1 1/3 cups milk
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Tonga Toast:
1 loaf unsliced bread (12″ in length)
2 bananas
1 quart canola oil

Cinnamon Sugar Coating:
2 teaspoons cinnamon
3/4 cup granulated sugar


1. Preheat oil to 350F in a pan or deep fryer.
2. For the cinnamon sugar coating, combine cinnamon and sugar in a dish, mix together and set aside.
3. For the batter, beat eggs in a bowl. Add milk, sugar and cinnamon and mix well together with eggs and set aside.
4. From the loaf of bread, cut 4 – 3″ slices of bread. Using a paring knife, slice down the middle of the bread to create a pocket. But do not cut the bread in half.
5. Cut a banana in half and then cut each half length wise. Slide two banana halves into middle of the bread.
6. Take the stuffed bread and dip it into the batter, making sure you coat all four sides. Allow the excess batter to drip off the sides and place it gently into the hot oil.
7. Cook approximately 1-2 minutes and then flip over and cook the other side 1-2 minutes. Remove from the oil and toss in the cinnamon sugar mixture. Repeat for the next piece of toast.

(Source: A Taste of Disney)


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