Strawberry basil scones


My friend Debra is over in the UK on a business trip of sorts: not like the business trip I wrote about last week. She’s got a tour guide and is touring the local sights. However, she does have 20+ students with her so there’s probably a bit of wrangling and babysitting involved. But she’s a tough girl and I know she can handle them and anything else thrown her way! Including the scones recipes she was baking up before she left. Now it seems like I see recipes for scones everywhere along with recipes for strawberries … Can you guess what’s coming next? Continue reading “Strawberry basil scones”


Lemon Curd

While playing beach volleyball Friday night, my calf cramped while diving for ball. Nothing like a cramp to make you feel old and out of shape. Wait a minute – I thought I was IN shape! So much for that. Though I did get back up to play, the cramp threw me off a little bit and running for the weekend was out because of lingering soreness.

So I spent the weekend with an ice pack and watching season one of “The Walking Dead”. Thanks to Eric for recommending it to me! Coincidentally, the electric utility thanks you too Eric. Tip: don’t watch zombie stuff after dark. Needless to say that I now want a crossbow and the episodes for season two. Why a crossbow? Just in case (’cause you never know). Okay, after hours of zombies, death and the apocalypse, it was definitely time to lighten up.

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