French sticks


I was in Whole Foods earlier this week, when I happened to walk by their cheese counter and noticed a sale on triple cream brie. Whole Foods is one of those stores I go into, intending only to buy a select few items but always walk out with an armful of goodies. How do they do that? I had my shopping list and I was just minding my own business. Anyway, I ♥ cheese, especially triple cream brie! As I headed home, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up some bread to go with it. Oops. See what happened was, I walked by the breads but heard some other goodies calling out to me. I also love their banana chocolate chip muffins but brie and a banana chocolate chip muffin don’t exactly go together, you know what I mean? What to do? Well, I have some compressed yeast and flour so let’s make some French sticks! Continue reading “French sticks”


Basic White Bread Loaves

You might be asking “Another recipe for white bread?” Didn’t you already make that? Yup. However, this one is different from the Classic Sandwich Bread recipe: it has slightly more proofing time and it uses compressed yeast. Well, what exactly is compressed yeast? Continue reading “Basic White Bread Loaves”