Review – The Black Camel

Sandwich shops are a dime a dozen in the city but it’s rare to find a place that sells tasty sandwiches at a reasonable price. It’s even more rare to find a decent BBQ place in Toronto. What if you were able to find a sandwich shop that sold awesome BBQ sandwiches at reasonable prices? But a sandwich shop with awesome BBQ at reasonable prices? I was surprised when I stumbled upon just this at The Black Camel. Located across the street from the Rosedale subway station, The Black Camel is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. I decided to check them out upon the recommendation of a friend who lives in the area.  Continue reading “Review – The Black Camel”


Review: Toronto Ribfest 2012

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It’s the Canada Day long weekend, which can mean a number of things – an extra day off work, a trip to the cottage, fireworks, or… Ribfest. Held every year in Centennial Park over the Canada Day weekend, Toronto’s Ribfest is a chance for you to stuff your face full of ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken, blooming onions, and whatever else you happen to find.
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Bacon wrapped turtle hamburgers

You know the problem with running after work? I mean besides the fact that I’m tired and less motivated to run. Everyone else is making food and the smell of dinner just wafts onto the streets. And I’ve noticed now that the weather is warming up, lots more people are turning on their barbeques. I love the smoky smell of things grilling and it got me thinking about what I could throw onto my own barbeque.

Have you ever watched those ‘Epic Meal Time‘ videos where they’re making those gigantic creations with bacon, ground meat and everything but the kitchen sink? Well, this is a little bit like that but on a much smaller scale. A quick word of warning, you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!  Continue reading “Bacon wrapped turtle hamburgers”