I’m on Foodgawker

On Father’s Day I was taking a few pictures for my blog but not feeling particularly inspired. I was also feeling a bit down for having missed a long run because of some ankle problems. At the same time, my mom was giving me a hard time for not making Father’s Day plans. Can’t you see I’m busy blogging woman?! Truth was, my dad had plans to go golfing but he wasn’t feeling well Sunday so he cancelled his game. I made him a cake and we made him dinner, so all was well in the end. But I still felt a little blah in general and about the photos too. 

I went out with a friend for coffee that evening, and while making tweaks to the blog we happened to click on the site stats page. Now it seems something like this happens each time I get frustrated. The usual tiny Sunday page visits were *five times* higher than usual. I couldn’t understand why at first, but then I saw they were all coming from Foodgawker.com. Turns out the Sweet Ginger Shrimp with Dill and Quinoa photo I had submitted on Saturday (while stewing about my ankle) was accepted. Not bad for a first try and I now have a gallery on Foodgawker! Yay me! Hopefully that will be the first of many to come.

And the photos I wasn’t happy with? They turned out much better than I had thought after reviewing them on the computer, and the cake I made for my dad and company was quite a hit. Stay tuned, the recipe is set to follow!

my foodgawker gallery

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