A review – Oreo’s Birthday Cake Cookies

Happy belated birthday to the Oreo cookie! Who knew that little cookie has been around for 100 years? Well I didn’t. At least not until I spotted a bag of birthday cake flavored Oreos in my grocery store. I normally don’t buy Oreos because I’d end up eating the entire bag in one sitting. But the golden bag with the picture of the Oreo and it’s cream filled center decorated with sprinkles just caught my eye. And I thought I’d be stupid not to, so I bought a bag.

I honestly was expecting just a regular Oreo – nothing out of the ordinary, nothing special. Upon opening the bag, there’s this sweet scent that hits your nose. Not the usual smell of sugar or cookies but it actually smelled like a cake! The top of the cookie is also a designed differently than a regular Oreo. It has a picture of a birthday candle with the words Oreo 100 written on it. And when you open the Oreo, the cream center is speckled with colorful sprinkles. Just like birthday cake frosting. Very cute! But I couldn’t help wonder whether this was going to be a cookie that smelled and looked better than it was going to taste.

Well I have to say that Oreo cookies never disappoint! The cookie had a lot more crunch than a normal Oreo cookie and the cream filling really did taste like vanilla icing. But don’t expect an overpowering taste of cake, it’s still got a bit of the regular Oreo flavor in there.  I’d say it’s subtle but still tastes different enough than a regular Oreo. Given the choice I would definitely would pick the birthday Oreo over the regular flavor. I’m really loving the crunchiness of the cookie. I ate these without a glass of milk. I’m not a fan of soft or soggy cookies. Out of all the different varieties of Oreos I’ve tasted, these are one of my favorites. Maybe because they’re actually a different take on the Oreo and not just double stuffed, reduced fat,  etc. And since these are a limited edition, I will likely be heading back to the grocery for another bag. You know … Just in case! So happy birthday Oreo! I hope you’re around for another 100 years.


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