Chocolaty Yogurt Mousse

This past weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend which meant I had extra time to catch up on sleep, running, laundry and all those things I normally don’t have time for during the week. I went for a massage and then an impromptu pedicure with my friends Matt and Dawn. I couldn’t convince Matt that he’d be pretty in pink but hey at least the three of us will have the best looking feet for beach volleyball next Friday. Afterward we went for lunch and hit the local wing joint. I haven’t had wings in about a year. They were sooo good! And naturally after a lunch like that, the conversation turned to dessert. Even though Saturday is my food cheat day, I just couldn’t. I knew I had a container of Greek yogurt at home and it got me wondering whether I could use it to make a somewhat healthy dessert.  Continue reading “Chocolaty Yogurt Mousse”