Green Onions – Week #3

I wish I had used a ruler to measure the green onions because it’s hard to show you how tall they are. Anyway, I think they’ll be ready to use this week! I had meant to post this on Friday before leaving on a road trip but had left my memory card on my desktop instead taking it with my laptop. Ooops! I’m posting these on Pinterest as well, check it out.

Back tomorrow with a recipe.


Growing Green Onions

Are you on Pinterest? For those of you who don’t know about Pinterest, it’s a virtual pinboard – you post pictures of things and ideas that you find on the Internet that you really like. You can follow your friends or your favorite companies and see what they’ve added to their boards. It’s really great for sharing interests and getting new ideas! You can have a look at my boards here. Why am I talking about Pinterest? It’s where I got the idea for this post – growing green onions. Continue reading “Growing Green Onions”