Green onions – Week #2

What a crazy week! I had more posts planned but I never got around to them. It’s been one of those ‘life takes over’ kind of weeks. Lots of things popping up that I wasn’t expecting to deal with. Like what you ask?  I accidentally stuck my SD memory card into my DVD drive.  How dumb is that? Luckily I got it back out.  I guess it’s funny now that it’s done with.

Then there’s the other stuff that isn’t even worth mentioning.  But I always try to look for the bright side of things and in the middle of all the craziness, you really get to figure out who your friends are. They are the ones who have your back no matter what, they’ll help you figure things out and even cheer you up with a fro-yo or iced tea. So for that, thank-you. You know who you are.

And thanks to A Virtual Essence who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I can’t tell you how flattered I am! Head on over and check out her blog!

Here’s hoping for a more normal week on Monday. In the meantime, here’s my green onion. It’s actually growing! I think it should be ready in another week or so.


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